TPS Opti-Blend Maintenance Program

We also offer an updated commissioning test if customer would like to try to increase fuel displacement at a desired load.


  • A Technician will Inspect PLC Display Monitor, PLC components/wiring and Download PLC data. Any updated Software will be uploaded to your system to ensure optimal performance.
  • Confirm Gas pressure to TPS/Optiblend supplied Gas train and Volume tank, pressure regulator will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Install new pressure gauge(s) on Gas train and volume tank.
  • Install of new 50micron filters on gas train every 3 months or 3000 hrs.
  • A leak detection test will be performed every scheduled maintenance to ensure the safety of your staff and facility.
  • Any and ALL Emergency Shutdown features and sensors on TPS/Optiblend system will be evaluated and tested.
  • Customers will receive a documented Maintenance log. Locations with fuel flow meters will receive a fuel displacement reading on the Maintenance log.

Note: Fuel flow meters can be installed on location at customer request. We offer temporary and permanent flow meter installs. Additional charges may apply.

This procedure will be scheduled for every 3 months or 3000 engine hours and will take approximately 3hrs. Maintenance procedure will not disrupt any production and can be done with engine in operation. The TPS/Optiblend bi-fuel system will need to be shutdown for a short period of time to install gauges, filters and to repair any leaks.